The best dry suits in the world for kayaking! Ursuit, manufactured in Finland specific for Nordic conditions and high-intensive activities such as kayaking, where security in combination with ventilation capability sets very complicated requirements. The first suit we tried that you don't end up clompletely wet inside by sweat... and most important it still keeps you dry if falling out in cold water!

Ursuit 5113MPS Multi Purpose Suit

Ursuit MPS – Multi Purpose Suit is a very lightweight dry suit(below 1 kg in size L), to be worn under an outer garment. Thanks to the breathable Gore-Tex® fabric, the suit will keep your underwear dry, even when worn together with outer clothing that does not breathe, for instance a floating overall. The suit is worn in situations where the outer garments have to be changed according to varying conditions.

  • Seam construction: double seams so that the seam will not open even when worn. Inside the seams are heat seal taped and reinforced to be 100 % water tight.
  • Socks: made of Gore-Tex® Gotland.
  • Dry zipper: A very light new type of dry zipper, opening at the neck.
  • Neck seal: Patterned 2,5 mm super stretch neoprene. For easy dressing and undressing the patterned rubber surface is on the outside.
  • Wrist seals: super stretch neoprene, easy to dress and undress. The neoprene also keeps you warm in cold conditions.
  • Professional use: As a dry intermediate suit, for instance under a uniform or fire protection suit.
  • Leisure use: Boating, sailing, kayaking, sports fishing, under a floating overall or similar outer garment.


Read more about the suits on www.ursuit.com

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