Excize is a new entry-level surfski that is easy to paddle, stable, fun – intended for exercise, surfski racing and light touring. Designed on the same basic principles as our faster skis with less volume and more rocker, it is fast, versatile and easily maneuvered in different conditions. The sharp and deep cutouts enables a tight catch and an efficient forward stroke. Comes with our new 2016 cockpit with even lower bumb, more swept back backrest and very comfy seat!


Björn Thomasson, Fredrik Lindström

Loa: 550 cm
Beam: 54 cm
Seat width: 41,5 cm
Recommended paddler weight: 60-100 kg
Stability factor:
stability rating

Race: Weight max 14 kg, Price: 3200 Euro
Classic: Weight max 16 kg, Price: 2500 Euro

   Nordic Kayaks boats are available in these heat cured Epoxy constructions:


100% hand built Aramid sandwich construction. Honeycomb wall through the whole boat to give great length stiffness. Green nose with white gel coat body. This construction is stronger than Pro but still very light, made for to perform!
Weight: 14 kg
Price: 3200 Euro


Vacuum infused Fiberglass Soric honycomb construction with reinforcment of Aramid. Honeycomb wall through the whole boat to add great length stiffness. Green nose with white gel coat body. This construction is a great all-round choice due to the high stiffness/resistance ratio.
Weight: 17 kg
Price: 2500 Euro

What set one surfski apart from other are often the small details. The delicate balance between rocker and volume distribution can make one hull a dream on large waves and another a monster. The exact position of seat and rudder can give you total control in one surfski, while in another you have to fight for it. We spent a lot of time calculating, testing and fine-tuning this – millimeter for millimeter. That is why you will find a Nordic Kayaks surfski a reliable performer in all conditions.

Cockpit comfort is another core variable in the surfski experience. A slightly raised, carefully tilted seat with a good lower back support, combined with shorter and lower knee hump means an upright aggressive position for racing and relaxed long-distance comfort when touring. The pedal system with self-adjusting rudder lines will fit paddlers from 160 to 200 cm.

The bailer is operated by hand and drains the cockpit in extremely short time, while incorporating a back-valve stopping water from entering the cockpit at still or going backwards.

All NK skis are designed to be easily fitted with a aft-mounted kick-up rudder. Switching between under-hull rudder to a kick-up takes only a couple of minutes and is very easy.



For touring and shallow waters, a kick-up rudder can be easily installed.

This ski are fitted with:

Rudder options

Surf, Race and Marathon.

Three rudders to chose from

…or an optional Van Dusen kick-up rudder
Van Dusen kick-up rudder